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Royal Red Ivory Doriya Safa

Royal Red Ivory Doriya Safa
Royal Red Ivory Doriya Safa
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Details:The Royal Red Ivory Doriya Safa is sure to make it wearer look bright and vibrant on an auspicious occasion such as wedding celebrations. This Royal Red Ivory Doriya turban is sure to appeal to all those buyers intending to ad vibrancy to their wedding day look with such a brightly colored headgear, while also being comfortable wearing it. The Kota Doriya fabric used for the turban makes it highly comfortable while the bright golden hue makes the wearer dazzle.

Length - 8.5 Metres (Approx).
Width - 1 Metres (Approx).

Fabric: Kota Doriya

There might be slight color variation due to lightings & flash white photo shoot. The bright shade seen is the best closer view of fabric's color.

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